Fall TV Guide: “No Ordinary Family” Not Your Usual Superpower Show

Did you like “The Incredibles”? Yeah, pretty much everyone did. So it seems like kind of a brilliant idea that ABC created a live-action show that tells a very similar story. “No Ordinary Family” is about a police-sketch artist father who plans a trip to Brazil for his family because they’re increasingly disconnected and no one is getting along. During the plane ride, however, they crash into a body of water that gives them superpowers. Dad Jim is invincible and can fly, like two “Heroes” characters put together. Mother Stephanie has super speed, while daughter Daphne can hear others’ thoughts, and son JJ, well, we can’t tell what his power is yet. The real appeal of the show though isn’t that far-fetched. As the Boston Herald says, “Oh, there’s more than enough action, surprises, comic-book references and CGI to satisfy the geek crowd … But it could be the most realistic family drama of the season. Co-creator Greg Berlanti, best known for such shows as ‘Brothers & Sisters’ and ‘Everwood,’ uses the hook of superpowers to tell the story of a troubled family trying to reconnect.”

The show looks pretty dope. And it stars two of our favorite actresses—Julie Benz, who you might remember as Darla from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and Rita from “Dexter.” And Autumn Reeser, who you probably remember as Taylor from “The O.C.”

You best bet we’ll be watching when it premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.