Channeling My Inner Joan Holloway

Last week, I got an email from an editor at The New York Post asking if I might be interested in modeling some “Mad Men”-inspired looks for a story she was working on. Janie Bryant, the costume designer for “Mad Men,” is launching her new clothing line and the editor at the Post had read my essay about Joan Holloway boosting my self-esteem, and thought I’d be perfect to model Janie’s new pieces. Of course I said “yes,” because “Mad Men” is my favorite TV show and I thought it’d be fun to dress up like Joan for a couple hours.Actually, it turned out to be more than a couple hours. In fact, the whole thing lasted closer to five. But it was fun, even if I was pretty out of my element. The hair and makeup alone took nearly two hours to complete, but I got to play dress-up in a $4,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress, so that sort of made up for the tedium of sitting still long enough to get my Joan-face on. Altogether, I modeled four different looks, mixing modern styles with Bryant’s new line of vintage-inspired outerwear and accessories. If you’re in New York, check out page 43 of the Post for a full-page spread. If you’re out of town, you can see the story here.