Celeb To Watch: Chloe Moretz Is A Kick-Ass Vampire

Name: Chloe Moretz
Age: 13
What You’ve Seen Her In: “500 Days of Summer,” “Kick-Ass,” the upcoming “Let Me In” and “Emily the Strange”

Find out what we love about her, after the jump.
Why We Love Her: Atlanta, Georgia, native Chloe Moretz is one of a handful of teen actors who successfully treads the line between preternaturally wise and wise-ass, smart and smarmy. Her turn in “500 Days of Summer” as whiny Tom Hansen’s younger sis/voice of reason first got her noticed. But it was the role of Hit-Girl in this past summer’s comic book film “Kick-Ass” that made her a star. Now she’s set to take on vampiric blood-sucking as Abby in “Let Me In” — the story of a not-really-young girl with a vampire-y secret. “Let Me In” is based on one of our fave vamp flicks, the Swedish film “Let The Right One In,” so we’re crossing our fingers that it doesn’t suck. With Chloe at the helm, we’re betting it’ll be great.