Brad Womack Is The Next “Bachelor”: 12 Reasons This Is A Terrible Idea

When I heard the rumor last week that Brad Womack had been chosen to be the next “Bachelor“—AGAIN—I rolled my eyes so hard that I gave myself a headache. But apparently, it’s not a rumor—it is true. Brad was “The Bachelor” in season 11 and famously rejected both of his final two women—DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft. But it was announced last night during “Dancing with the Stars” that he will get a second chance. As Chris Harrison explained, “At first, I was skeptical. But the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea of him coming back, getting another shot.”

After the jump, 12 reasons this is a bad idea.

  1. Giving someone a second go-round on the show sets a dangerous precedent. Do we really want to see another season with gross Lorenzo Borghese? Or for Jake Pavelka to get another chance now that he and Vienna have broken up? Seriously, I couldn’t take hearing that terrible “On the Wings of Love” song one more time.
  2. Brad’s season was booooring. This is exactly when I stopped watching the show and I didn’t come back until Jason’s season.
  3. Brad owns bars. And one of them is called The Chuggin’ Monkey. Do I need to say more?
  4. He doesn’t deserve a second shot. Some applauded Brad for being super honest, not playing by “The Bachelor”‘s rules, and for saying goodbye to both women when he couldn’t honestly see himself with either. But to me, it was all about the way he did it. Remember him pacing around the yard, wringing his tie, while DeAnna stood there wondering what the heck was going on? Not cute.
  5. Homedude takes a goofy picture. Is It just me or does his head look way too small for his body?
  6. Could they really not find a likable guy from one of the last few seasons who would agree to do it? Why didn’t they throw more money at Chris Lambton or offer to donate a large sum to chai? Or give Reid Rosenthal a call? Too bad Tenley snatched up Kiptyn on “Bachelor Pad.”
  7. He has a mustache.
  8. He’s too old! Brad is 37, while the average woman on the show is in her early or mid-20s. Something tells me he might not find what he’s looking for in that age range.
  9. He’s shady. It was rumored that the reason Brad didn’t choose one of the women on “The Bachelor” was because he still had feelings for Laurel Kagay, a salon owner in his hometown of Austin, Texas. She went on to date Wes. Need I say more?
  10. He’s a wimp. Brad says that after his season of “The Bachelor” he received so much hate mail and ill will that he went into hiding. Grow a pair, dude!
  11. There are much better options out there. Hello, producers! We gave you these 10 amazing ideas for who could be the next “Bachelor.” Were you not listening?
  12. And lastly … How stupid will we all feel if we watch a whole ‘nother season with this guy and he still doesn’t pick someone?

What do you think? Will you watch Brad on the next season of “The Bachelor”?