16 Dapper Actors From Days Of Yore

old time actors humphrey bogart jpg
Humphrey Bogart is the latest actor to come out of the closet. Well … posthumously. A new biography reveals that although he was a sex symbol who bedded most of Hollywood’s leading ladies and even married some of them, he was questioning his sexuality, to the point of considering suicide. That makes me sad considering a whole bunch of the sexiest actors of all time were bisexual or gay. Oh, Humphrey, we don’t care if you were into dudes, you were still all man. I miss that sexy manhood of old Hollywood à la Humphrey. Romance, ruggedness, charm: the hotness trifecta. Sexual preference … kind of irrelevant. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. [Daily Mail]

After the jump, some more classic actors to die for.

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