Today’s Lady News: Transgender Teen Stripped Of Homecoming King Title

  • A transgender teen was stripped of his Homecoming King title because he’s still technically registered as a female. [Jezebel]
  • Today in “Website Not To Bookmark”: “She’s Hot, But…” in which guys submit one-liners about a hot woman in their life who is attractive save one pesky, massive flaw. “She’s hot, but she has hairy legs.” “She’s hot, but she has the worst underwear.” How about “She’s hot, but she won’t have anything to do with me because I am a douchebag”? [Lemondrop]
  • Speaking at a party for GOProud, an organization for gay conservatives, Ann Coulter told the crowd, “Marriage is not a civil right. You’re not black,” and then explained that the 14th amendment only applies to African-Americans, and not women, the LBGT community, or other minorities. What about gay African-Americans? Do they not exist? [Feministing]

  • Justice Scalia argues that the Constitution does not, in fact, bar sexual discrimination! Oh, really? [TIME]
  • A lawyer was barred from visiting her client in jail when her underwire bra set off the metal detector, even though there was a detention center “memo” allowing women with underwire bras to enter. [Feministe]
  • An elementary school teacher in the Bronx, NY has been reassigned because she revealed she used to be a sex worker. [NY Post]