“The Hills” Are Alive: Lauren Conrad To Do A New Show On MTV

You’ve been going through Lauren Conrad withdrawal ever since she walked away from “The Hills,” right? No? OK, well, then you probably won’t be very excited about the news that Lauren will once again be starring in an MTV reality series. She revealed to Ryan Seacrest on Friday that a new show about her life is in the works—and this time it’ll focus exclusively on her work life as she designs and markets her clothing line. In other words, it will be all the blah of “The Hills” with none of the juiciness. “I’ve always been open to doing reality again. It’s just under certain circumstances,” Lauren explained. “As long as you have a separation then it works. You have your personal life and work life and when it’s combined it’s difficult.” She makes it clear that her boyfriend, Kyle Howard of “My Boys,” will not be appearing on the show.

LC has always been infinitely more interesting than, say, Whitney Port—so I’d much rather watch this show rather than another round of inanity on “The City.” And I have a feeling that watching Lauren design would be far less annoying, since Lauren is decisive and doesn’t have a stare that reminds me of crickets chirping. But still—this show sounds like it could be pretty dry without seeing Lauren’s relationship or having villains like Heidi and Spencer around to stir up drama. Will MTV be able to pull this off?

Also, why do I get the feeling that we’ll be 50 and still watching Lauren Conrad on TV?