Police Officer Dad “Arrests” 15-Year-Old — For Having Sex With His Daughter

We’re so glad this guy’s not our dad: A California police officer staged a fake arrest of his 14-year-old daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend after finding out the couple had sex.

The father went to the boy’s house in uniform and told him and his parents that he was being arrested on sexual assault charges. The officer is heard on a cell phone video of the incident telling the young boy, “It does not bode well for you. Do you know what that means? No? Not a good thing that the person you had sex with is a cop’s daughter. The district attorney will probably file charges.” He then handcuffed the boy. The kid’s parents filed a complaint with the officer’s department after the incident, claiming that his “scared straight” tactics were excessive.

The officer’s attorney claims that the boy’s parents were compliant and appreciative of the incident. The boy’s father is heard on tape saying, “Use your head. Think about what he is talking to you about. Listen to his words. Replay them in your head.”

The officer is currently on “administrative leave,” while his department susses out the situation. According the district attorney’s office, he could possibly face charges for “false imprisonment.”

Either way, we’re pretty sure the officer’s daughter is mortified and embarrassed by her father’s actions. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done to a guy you were dating? [ABC News]