Mom Of 2 Robs Bank, Then Picks Up Her Kids At School

Erica Anderson is your average 37-year-old mom of two in Grants Pass, Oregon. Which is why it’s so surprising that last Monday she walked into a local bank and slipped the teller a note telling her to fill a bag with money. The note also told the teller to wait 15 minutes before calling the police, “or else two kids wouldn’t make it home from school.” Law officials panicked that the robber was going to pick up two kids at random and possibly harm them. But that wasn’t the case—Anderson was referring to her two daughters. “She didn’t want to be late picking up her kids,” the detective assigned to the case explained.

The police were able to track down Anderson with the help of a witness’ description. When the cops pulled into her driveway, she’d just returned home with her girls. The two were eating ice cream in the living room. [People]

Now, I know robbing a bank isn’t a good thing to do. I watched a Discovery Channel special on bank robberies recently and learned that, every year, $70 million is stolen from banks and that, gulp, 30 people are killed in the process. Which is not cool. At all. So I do not mean to glorify anyone who robs banks. But every now and then I hear about a bank robber, like Anderson, who seems so benign that their crime just makes me chuckle.

Another example? The so-called “Mad Hatter” who robbed 17 banks in New Jersey in the fall of 2007, each time wearing a different hat. This is very smart because cameras tend to be overhead — the hat obscured his face. I remember feeling disappointed by the stories I read about the Mad Hatter because no one ever specified what kind of hats he was wearing. I mean, were we talking baseball caps, or did he roll up to a Citibank wearing a sombrero? [NY Times]

And who can forget about the two bank robbers in Georgia who wore over-sized, paparazzi dodger sunglasses to rob a bank. They basically looked like a small town version of Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie (during their “Simple Life” days) as they gave a teller a note demanding cash. They even smiled while they waited and waved as they walked out. [Fox News]

Is it wrong that I’m kind of obsessed with these cases?