First Female Designs For Nike Air Jordan

Vashtie Kola, a video director, artist, and style maven, had to keep a huge secret for a long time, but now the cat’s out of the bag: Kola, a self-proclaimed “Jordan rocking fool,” is the first woman to design a Nike Air Jordan for the ubiquitous brand. She had the female sneaker heads in mind as she designed the Ladies’ Air Jordan 2 Retro. Get the details on the design of the sneaker and see another photo of the slammin’ shoe after the jump.

Kola chose lavender for the limited-edition sneaks. Her Retro’s have a lavender and deep-purple colorway that is feminine yet “un-girlified.” The mid-sole is silver and the laces have a splash of silver to match. The sneaker will be released Oct 2. [Jordan]