5 Kind-Of-Wack Things Stars Have Done For Their Voices

Selena Gomez told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that her pre-show warm-up routine is not a pleasant one—she drinks olive oil. Selena said, “It’s awful… You let it go down and it coats your throat. I gag every time.” Apparently, she read that it was Kelly Clarkson’s trick in a magazine and “just copied her.” I guess if it’s working, then she should chug away! [People]

When I did musical theater in high school, we used to spray something called Singer’s Saving Grace down our throats which really pissed off our vocal teachers for some reason. But beyond the old tea and honey trick and embarrassing warm-up routines, some of the following singers have some pretty weird voice-saving habits.

  • PJ Harvey prepares her voice by doing shots of tequila with her band before every show. I’m sure it has a certain therapeutic effect. Her friend, producer Steve Albini, said that she “ate nothing but potatoes, with occasional sauces, during the entire recording of her Rid of Me album.” Presumably, carbo-loading is important with any physical exertion. [Pop Matters]
  • Singer/songwriter Andrew Belle has a pretty specific pre-show routine and says, “I like to eat a really spicy meal an hour or so before hand if I can. Thai food is usually preferred. I follow that with a Wild Turkey Whiskey on the rocks while I do my vocal scales.” It’s the “while” that intrigues me about that last sentence, although I’m also curious about the spicy food. [MTV Music]
  • Corey Taylor, who’s the front man for Slipknot, has to make his voice sound raspy, so he drinks three pots of coffee and smokes a whole pack of cigarettes the morning before a show. He said, “If you warm up too much, you’re going to overdo it. If you don’t warm up enough, you’re gonna stress it out. One of the songs I like to warm up with is Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Got A Way.’ It’s not too high and it’s not too harsh.” Well, I guess you’re not being hard core if you’re not hurting yourself? [Starpulse]
  • Coldplay frontman Chris Martin can’t sing a note without brushing his teeth first. He said, “For me, there are about 18 things I have to do before I can go out to perform—most of them are too ridiculous to repeat! One is I have to brush my teeth before I go on stage, otherwise I just don’t feel smart enough.” Must be reaching pretty far back if he’s getting smarter every time he brushes, huh? [PR Inside]