Ryan Reynolds And Other Celebs Who’ve Been Buried Alive In Movies

There are good movies, there are bad movies, and then there are movies where people get buried alive. Actually, there are a lot more types of movies but, hey, it sort of has a ring to it, right? Anyway, Ryan Reynolds recently opened up about his extremely closed-in role in “Buried,” a flick about an American in Iraq who wakes up to find himself six feet under. The actor had to spend every day of a 17-day shoot in the box. “I definitely did not look good,” Reynolds said, referring to his appearance after emerging from the darkness. [People]

The “Buried” star isn’t the first actor to be buried alive in a movie. More after the jump.

  • In the aptly titled “Buried Alive” from 1990, this dude, Clint, gets partially offed by a doctor whom his wife is having an affair with. The cheating couple doesn’t give Clint enough drugs to kill him and he wakes up in a cheap wooden box, which he escapes from. Obviously, he is super angry when he finds his way to the surface.
  • In “Kill Bill, Vol. 2,” Uma Thurman busts out of a coffin after she was buried by some hit men. Did anyone actually doubt she was getting out of there?
  • In “Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood’s character, a San Francisco cop, has to save some kid from suffocating in an unmarked grave.
  • In “Casino,” Martin Scorsese’s 1995 gangster movie, there is this horrific scene where Joe Pesci and his brother get beaten by baseball bats, thrown into an open grave and covered in dirt.
  • In the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple,” a rich, jealous man hires a private eye to spy on his wife and the dude she’s cheating with. Things get all crazy and confusing and the woman’s hubby ends up nearly dying. Except he’s not quite dead and the woman’s lover buries him in a grave that’s a bit too shallow.

What’s your favorite flick about people getting buried alive?