Reality TV Matchmaker: 11 Prospective Couples Made In Heaven

I knew something good had to come out of the fact that there are two high-profile reality shows about the species of people that exist in the state of New Jersey. Love! Or at least a dance-floor hookup! Apparently, Deena Cortese, the new girl on “Jersey Shore,” got together with Chris Manzo, son of Caroline Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” at a club last weekend. “Deena was basically humping Chris in front of everyone,” a source told Radar. Maybe Chris will recruit Deena as the co-owner of his car-wash strip club and they’ll live happily ever after? [Radar]

This has inspired us to play matchmaker and set up the stars of other reality TV shows.

  1. The whole world, or at least the portion that watches “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” is waiting for Kourtney Kardashian to dump Scott Disick. Maybe they need to go on “Tough Love: Couples” to finally split? And, look at that, then Kourtney could fall in love with Steve Ward. That would be too cute.
  2. Everyone loves Brad from “The Rachel Zoe Project,” so he needs a totally adorbs boyfriend. I’d like to nominate Jai Rodriguez from “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.”
  3. Or wait, Brad and Johnny Weir, of “Be Good Johnny Weir,” had a total love connection already. They need romance and a spinoff show, stat. Brad could even design Johnny’s costumes.
  4. Antonio Sabato Jr. went on VH1’s “My Antonio” looking for love. Instead, he should have gone on “Dancing with the Stars” and been paired with Edyta Sliwinska. They both have great tans and together would have been the sexiest couple on television.
  5. Ryan Leslie has quickly become one of the most loathed characters in “Real World” history. Which would make him the perfect match for Danielle Staub, once she tires of Lori Michaels. The cougariness of this relationship would definitely attract attention, which is all Danielle really wants.
  6. Sammi Giancola of “Jersey Shore” is no Snooki, but she still deserves someone way better than Ronnie. Might we suggest Doug Reinhardt from “The Hills“? He speaks just as infrequently as Ronnie and has that meathead appeal, but won’t make out with two girls at one time at the club.
  7. Ray J and Chilli of TLC both had VH1 shows that documented their quest to find love. Hello, someone needs to set them up as soon as possible. They have a bit of an age difference, but I think they’d get along.
  8. We are totally obsessed with Andrew Jenks of MTV’s “The World of Jenks.” We think he and Kelly Osbourne would be adorable together. We know she likes long hair—her ex-fiance Luke Worall had a similar crop—and she deserves a sweetheart since Luke cheated on her.
  9. The most obvious couple ever: Miss J (of “America’s Next Top Model”) and Derek J (the stylist friend of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and a judge on “Hair Battle Spectacular”). Hello, they wouldn’t even have to change their last names!
  10. So, above, we decided that Danielle Staub and Lori Michaels should be over. That’s because we’d rather see Danielle with Jackie Warner of “Work Out.” Who is, uh, not just gay for the publicity.
  11. Which leaves us with Patti Stanger, the “Millionaire Matchmaker,” who recently said goodbye to her fiance. Since she sets up women with millionaires, we think she should aim for a billionaire—like Donald Trump of “The Apprentice.” Please, like Melania will be in the picture for much longer.