People Will Do Anything For Free Clothes—Even Stand Around Naked In NYC

People are apparently so desperate for free crap that they’re willing to line up in their underwear in the streets of New York City’s Soho neighborhood. This photo was taken as part of a marketing stunt by the retailer Desigual that went down in NYC yesterday. The catch: line up naked (well, nearly naked) outside the store, and the first 100 people would get free outfits (everyone else gets a 50 percent discount coupon). The rowdy underwear-clad crowd shouted things like “We’re getting naked!” which isn’t something you’d really want to hear (or see) from a stranger before 10 a.m. on a weekday. Maybe this is just our opinion, though? Would you stand around in your bra and panties in a public place if it meant getting a free outfit? [DailyCandy Twitter, CBS NY]