Limited-Edition DVF Camera On AHALife … Wait, What Is AHALife?

Cameras and social networking go hand-in-hand. Both make it possible to take your friends on your journey with you, even if they’re across the country. But for some moments of creativity or inspiration, a simple smartphone camera just won’t do. Instead, you need something that packs a stylish technological punch. Enter Diane Von Furstenberg’s limited-edition Canon G-12. Not only is this super haute camera decked out with DVF’s iconic Andy Warhol-designed lip print in Swarovski crystals, but it also makes it really difficult to take a blurry picture. That’s a win-win for the true photographer and style maven! But you only have one day to snag the DVF camera on AHALife. Now before you ask, find out what exactly AHALife is after the jump. You know, we love to do online shopping here at The Frisky, and AHALife has been on our radar since it launched this month. Unlike other invite-only retail and lifestyle sites, AHALife doesn’t feature junk. In fact, the site only offers one daily item that pertains to fashion, food, art, lifestyle, design, and more. The site’s editors and curators only sell the items they’re passionate about. And everything is limited-quantity, which means the chances of your annoying cubicle mate jacking your style are pretty slim. Plus, AHALife provides profiles with the product designer and curator, and gives shoppers a sneak peek into the design process via video or audio slideshows. So even if you’re not able to purchase on any given day, you can feel like you’re in the in-crowd anyway. [AHALife]