Who Celebrities Want To See Win This Season Of “Dancing With The Stars”

Former “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Kelly Osbourne knows whom she is rooting for on season 11. Kelly says that her vote is going to Bristol Palin, for her bravery. “I have a real soft spot for Bristol Palin,” said Kelly. “I really do. I think she’s going out there and trying, and to not have a family member in the audience is the hardest thing in the world.” Let’s hope Mama Palin can make it to some of the performances, because I am sure this beats any kind of elementary school dance recital. [People]

Kelly Osbourne isn’t the only one to weigh in. After the jump, other celebrities who’ve thrown their support behind one of the dancers.

  • No big surprise here, “Jersey Shore“‘s Sammi is hoping to see Mike “The Situation” fist-pump his way into a win. Though everyone may not agree, Sammi is happy to see “a little Jersey on the dancefloor.” Maybe Snooki can be on next season? [Digital Spy]
  • Jennifer Grey shared that she received a moving email from Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, giving Jennifer her full support and plenty of positive vibes. Grey has also expressed that her first week of dancing was dedicated to the late actor, with the anniversary of his death being the week before, and that she felt his presence throughout the night. No one puts baby in the corner. I had to say it. [USA Today]
  • Steve-O, the connoisseur of doing stupid stuff, must have had a rough week after his choice for the win, David Hasselhoff, was booted off first. Steve-O, who initially was a Situation fan, made a last-minute change to The Hoff after “Jersey”‘s ab-man gave him the brush-off at a party. [EW.com]
  • Singer Chris Daughtry was obviously flattered when Michael Bolton used one of his songs for the his first dance. After the first episode of season 11 aired, Daughtry tweeted, “One of the things I never saw in my future: Michael Bolton dancing to one of our songs…Ha ha, that’s awesome! I’m officially now pulling for Michael Bolton on DWTS!” [96.3 WDVD]

Who do you want to win?