Is Tim Gunn’s Industry Rant Streak Just Or Becoming Unprofessional?

Full disclosure: we’re crazy for Tim Gunn. But some are beginning to question his recent open attitude towards the fashion industry. The scandal gained momentum after the release of Gunn’s book in which he unapologetically called out Anna Wintour’s behavior, and repeatedly referenced her ridiculousness in his many press appearances for the book. And he hasn’t stopped there. Gunn has given his candid opinion about tons of celebs, including Taylor Momsen and Lindsay Lohan. In the latest Gunn drama, the “Project Runway” judge posted a video to Facebook that was highly critical of the show’s latest episode. He later removed it, but not, he says, because the show’s producers were upset. We’re all for voicing opinions, but we do have to wonder where the moral boundaries lie in terms of work ethics? At what point does speaking out against your colleagues and industry become unprofessional? If you were in a position to broadcast your revelations about people you’ve worked with, would you actually do it? We’ve all had revenge fantasies, of course … [Styleite]

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