Get Yer Michaele Salahi Action Figure

On this week’s “Real Housewives of D.C.,” Michaele Salahi brewed up a new controversy. She claimed that she was once a Washington Redskins cheerleader and headed to a rehearsal for an alumni performance. Several of her castmates called BS—as did Terri Lamb, the president of the Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association. Lamb said, “We have no record that she ever was a Redskins cheerleader. She was listed on our 1991 roster at Ms. Salahi’s request and based on her misrepresentation to us.” Michaele says that the mix-up comes from the fact that she was actually a cheerleader in the ’80s—she tried to change the roster to make herself appear younger. But wait, I feel like we’ve heard this one before.

Meanwhile, a Michaele action figure is now for sale. And, apparently, she’s the one who pitched the idea.HeroBuilders has made doll versions of Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin, etc. So how did they decide to make a figurine of Michaele, in the red sari outfit she wore when crashing the White House State Dinner? “We got a call from her agent,” the company founder explains. “We’ve been contacted by tons of people in the past but have just never done it because people have a weird sense of the value of themselves. They think they’re going to sell a million dolls. That never ever happens … I don’t know how people will respond to this woman.”

I’m guessing she’ll sell five dolls—to her “Real Housewives” co-stars who will then burn them in effigy.