And The Winner Is … The Best First Concert Story

Last week, we asked you tell us about your first concert experience in the hopes of winning a copy of Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records. Check out the two winners’ stories after the jump.rbrent:

“My first real concert only happened a couple of years ago. Growing up I was not one of those tweens that got their mom to take them to Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys. In High School, I had other things to spend my money on than concert tickets. But then I started school in Athens, which is something of a music mecca, and it became somewhat unavoidable.

So, long story short, my first concert was to see Better Than Ezra on their “Paper Empire” tour. It was in this tiny music venue in Athens during the summer and the place was packed. I was so close to the stage that I could have touched Kevin Griffin (lead singer). It was sweltering but the band had infectious high energy. I think one of the big reasons I loved seeing them was that this was a band I had grown up listening to, but instead of getting nose bleed seats in an arena the intimate setting made it feel like we were in on something. Like they were just starting out, not coming off their seventh album. They are coming back to Atlanta in November–I can’t wait to go!”


“one of my first memorable concerts was actually superchunk and man or astro man in 1999 in tampa florida.

things was that i had a friend who was supposed to go with me and of course, last minute she bailed. i was determined to go. not only to see one of my fave indie bands- but also because i had met this dude on (the scenester facebook from back in the day)

so i didn’t tell my mom my friend bailed and went alone to ybor city (tampa) for the first time by myself. i somehow managed to find my way there without any major detours- prob a few but i got there.

i got there near the end of man or astro man and was able to find my dude. he was an older totally nerdy/indie/arty guy. dark curly hair, wearing converse and a baggy hoodie. to me he was adorable. i think his name was craig.

when superchunk came on we just spent the entire night in the front row jumping up and down to every song. i certainly will not forget making out when one of our fave song, ‘nu bruises’ came on. i get a giddy teenager smile when that song shuffles its way on to my ipod.

the music was so loud. so loud that my ears literally rang for days following the concert. i didn’t know what was going on – and somehow thought this was punishment for lying to my mom. i got so freaked out i broke down in tears and told my mom i went to the concert and that my ears wouldn’t stop ringing. my mom was not the most pleased with me for sneaking out given i was out alone at 17 years of age. but when she heard of my solo adventure i could tell there was a smidgen of happiness for me.

looking back it was probably not the best decision i made as a youngster- but luckily i came out alive . . . with a hickey and a great memory!

and eventually my ears stopped ringing.”