10 Feminist Fashion Statements

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When we heard that adorable, wise-beyond-her-years teen fashion blogger Tavi met one of our riot grrl heroines, Kathleen Hanna (from Bikini Kill and Le Tigre), we were both gleeful and jealous. But then when we found out that Kathleen gifted Tavi with a totally awesome knit sweater with “FEMINIST” emblazoned across the front, our universe kind of exploded. While the rest of you might not ever get such a kick-ass gift from Hanna herself, you can still gift yourself and your fellow pro-lady power friends with some cool feminist fashions. Etsy is overflowing with feminist-inspired jewelry and apparel and while much of it is a little too vaginal for our tastes, we did find 10 awesome items that scream “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!”
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