St. Louis DJs Offer “Drive-By Whorings”

Drive-by whoring. It’s a phrase we didn’t know until yesterday, and we have the fine guys of St. Louis morning show “Woody and Rizzuto” to thank for broadening our horizons. It seems that DJs Woody and Rizzuto, of KPNT 105.7 The Point, are encouraging their male listeners to give the “difficult bitches” in their lives “drive-by whorings.” That’s when you drive past a woman’s home or work shouting slurs about her because of some real or imagined wrong. Got a bitch in your life you need to take to task? Let Woody and Rizzuto shame her on-air.These two baby geniuses came up with the concept after a fellow DJ friend of theirs found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Rather than handle it in a mature, measured way he drove past her house screaming obscenities and invectives. The original “drive by” prompted an outpouring of additional abusive behavior on the part of the DJ team, who have now called “whore” on around thirty or so other women.

Some examples of these on-air “whorings”:

Hey Heather i just saw an ad on Craiglist looking for a bitch named Heather to sew up her vagina. Maybe you should answer it.


Karla, see if that contractor friend of yours can fix that hole between your legs.

And finally:

Hey Erin, wanna do lunch? Number one, I’m gonna do number two and drop it on your face.

Wow. This isn’t the only anti-woman stunt Woody and Rizzuto (affectionately abbreviated to “W.A.R.”) have pulled. They also have a regular feature where guys call in to complain about “bitches” called “Bitch Be Trippin’.” And they host regular “Guys Night Out” events, featuring strippers–amateur and otherwise–and copious amounts of ogling. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect much from a station whose phone number purposely includes the word DUDE, but misogyny sexism, and not-so-veiled way violence against women should NEVER be on a radio station’s playlist.

Of course Woody and Rizzuto’s schtick is nothing new. It’s the same old tripe, and it’s buoyed by a particular type of listener: The sexually frustrated, entitled guy, who lusts after women he can’t have. These guys resent women who don’t want them (which, let’s face it, is a lot of us) — and that renders every single woman a terrible bitch in their minds. But they are also often frustrated in other areas of their lives. Maybe they don’t have the job, or the car, or the house they want — and shows like Woody and Rizzuto’s give them an outlet for channeling that frustrated, impotent rage. “Drive-by whoring” and the like gives them an outlet for a perceived angry and cuckolded masculinity. It’s always easier, after all, to blame someone else — in this case, women — for your inadequacies, than actually taking personal responsibility.

Calls and emails to station manager Tommy Mattern were not immediately returned. If you’d like to try and reach him yourself, go ahead: [email protected]