Reader Revealed: Cuddling Up To Baby Blanka

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind the avatars. So we decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Baby Blanka, one of our most prolific commenters.Please state your name, age, and location for The Friskyverse.

I am Nikki, age 26, and living in Northeastern Ohio.

How did you find the site?

I believe I found the site through CNN. I realized that I was always interested in the linked Frisky articles so just started going to the source. I was a long-time reader before I decided to comment on something… and now I’m addicted.

What do you do all day, other than follow The Frisky, which is totally condoned?

By day I do cancer research. I am manager of our ethics team that determines if the research being done in our cancer center is ethical, if we have the patient population to conduct the research, and if they will be receiving a high standard of care. By night, as some may know, I am a gamer. I go to tournaments on weekends and so during the week most nights are spent practicing.

Relationship status?

Taken, whole-heartedly! We talk about marriage but nothing official yet.

What is your fave post in recent Frisky history?

Well, the Dear Wendy letter from the girl who was upset about the guy’s video gaming really hit home for me, obviously. I think sometimes gaming as a hobby gets unfairly grouped into a “you’re addicted and it’s a problem” category when it’s really just an annoying hobby to you. If his hobby was baking, and he spent hours on end making pies and cupcakes, I don’t think the complaint would be the same, because you get something out of it (hopefully at least) and it isn’t as annoying to you.

What are your pop culture guilty pleasures?

Used to be “Lost.” Now I am 100 percent addicted to “Mad Men!” I can’t get away from it. I also follow countless celebrity twitters, just because I find it fascinating.

Can you share your most embarrassing dating story? We always share ours. It’s only fair.

Let’s see … it might not count as a date but it’s super nerdy how my current man and I met. We are neighbors (had been for about a year before we actually spoke to each other) and he came knocking on my door one night to complain that my Rockband playing was too loud. I didn’t want to turn it down, so instead I invited him over to play. What was most embarrassing is that I was just learning at the time and he was already an expert. I probably looked like a little kid trying to fix a car or something!

Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

Danny DeVito … I don’t know. I have no idea.

What type of skivvies do you have on right now?

Aerie polka dot boy shorts. Not super exciting but they are sooooo nice!

What is your secret talent?

I am an excellent egg flipper. I can fry an egg anywhere, anytime. I love it.

Favorite book, movie, musician or band?

Favorite book is Survivor, by Chuck Palahnuik. I have love for that book I can’t really describe. Literally the best story-telling and technical setup I have ever read. Favorite movie has always been “Taxi Driver,” but since it came out has been tied with “Memento.” Favorite musician is Jenny Lewis. The woman is more amazing than Bob Dylan. Truly. I saw them both live and even he cannot captivate an audience the way she can.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Eddie Izzard. I am so in love with him, it isn’t even funny! I keep insisting to my BF that Eddie is going to meet me one day and fall madly in love with me, forcing me to choose who I want to be with … then tease him about how I’ll decide.

What’s something you hope to see more of on The Frisky?

Well, I really love the articles I can relate to. I have a hard time sometimes when the “cheapskate” articles have clothes that are upwards of $70. For me that’s a splurge, not a cheapskate. I also would love more real-life help articles (like the buying a new car one). Sometimes going in with that knowledge eases the anxiety of stuff like that!