Quickies: Justin Bieber Maybe Compared Himself To Kurt Cobain & D.C. Housewife Stacie Turner Speaks

  • Did Justin Bieber really say, “I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation”? The quote’s authenticity is in question. [Washington Post]
  • Randee Heller, the actress who played Don’s latest secretary on “Mad Men,” kind of had a feeling Miss Blankenship was going to drop dead at any moment. [AMC]
  • Fiona Apple is releasing a new album in spring 2011. It’s been five years since her last album, Extraordinary Machine. I wonder if she’ll quote Maya Angelou every five seconds again. [AfterEllen.com]

  • Stacie Turner of “The Real Housewives of D.C.” keeps it real when she talks about the show, being adopted, and, of course, the Salahis. [Black Voices]
  • Six Degrees of “Mad Men,” the infographic. [BuzzFeed]
  • Need to waste some time? Why not feed your Facebook friends to the girl vampire from the thriller “Let Me In”? [Feed A Friend]
  • The cast of “Top Chef: All Stars” has been announced. Are any of your fave chefs on board? [ONTD]