If You’re A Dowdy Journalist, “What Not To Wear” Wants You

“What Not to Wear” must be tired of making over nurses and housewives, because now they’re on the hunt for a real-life journalista to turn into a fashionista. According to an email sent by the show’s casting director, Stacy and Clinton are looking for a “female Journalist who stands out from the crowd and not in a good way!” So, if you’re a great writer, but you dress like crap, you are perfect for this episode. The catch is you have to be nominated by someone who isn’t you.

“My name is Michael Raptis and I am the Casting Director for What Not to Wear on TLC. Casting is currently underway in DC for Season 8. We would love to feature a Female Journalist who stands out from the crowd and not in a good way! The idea of the show is to help a woman who is being held back by her style. Maybe she lost a lot of weight and no longer knows how to dress, maybe she is dressing too sexy and attracting the wrong men, maybe the way she dresses is keeping her from getting a promotion at work…We would love to help! I was hoping you might know the perfect person. I attached a casting notice to this email with all the info on the show and a link to the website. ****REMEMBER THIS NOMINATION MUST REMAIN A SECRET**** I would love to talk with you more about this opportunity when you get a moment. Hope to hear from you soon.”