5 Things I Never

Remember that drinking game “I Never” that you probably played in college after a few shots of vodka or a 6-pack of Zima? Well, I miss it, and I want to play it with you right now (no Zima necessary … although if you have some vodka on hand, no one’s judging). I’ll start, and in the comments you can list a few things that you “have never.” After the jump, five things I never. Never have I ever …

  1. Watched a single episode of “The Sopranos” (or “Glee,” for that matter).
  2. Shopped at/gone to IKEA.
  3. Had a one-night stand.
  4. Gotten my hooha waxed.
  5. Visited California.

(Only one of these I’m interested in changing).

Your turn!