Fall TV Guide: Hilarity Ensues On “Outsourced”

Speaking of sitcoms, NBC Thursday nights have long been the place to go for ones that are hilarious versus merely tolerable if you need something to watch while painting your nails. We already love “Community”—Betty White will be guest starring tonight!—which joined old favorites “30 Rock” and “The Office” last year. And now NBC is adding another new sitcom to the lineup—”Outsourced” is the tale of your typical 20-something American guy who goes to leadership training to run a call center for a novelty products company, only to return and find that the center has been moved to India. When I first heard about this show, I was a little concerned. First off, because it is based on a movie that came out quietly in 2007 and this is essentially the same thing in serial form. And second, because I hoped the show would not be all “look at these weird people” about India or force actors of Indian descent to do contrived accents for laughs.

Luckily, it appears that neither of these things are the case—the reviews for the show are positive. The Los Angeles Times says, “‘Outsourced’ seems to me the most deftly realized sitcom of the new season … If anything, this is a comedy about American values. ‘This is how you celebrate the birth of the son of your god?’ asks Asha, played by Rebecca Hazlewood, when Todd attempts to explain what’s funny about a ‘mistletoe belt.'”

If the funny stays on American ideals and corporate culture, a la “The Office” and “Office Space,” we are in. And if it isn’t, well, Amy Poehler and “Parks and Recreation” will be back mid-season. [LA Times]