Brooke Shields Still Fits Into Her Calvin Jeans, Circa 1980—And You?

Apparently, Brooke Shields recently tried on the jeans she wore in her famous 1980 Calvin Klein commercial. Yup, the very same ones she wore when she was 15 years old. Here’s what she said:

“My mom kept those jeans, she kept everything. I just found two pairs of those jeans … They didn’t look pretty, but they fit! I got those suckers zipped back up.”

Pretty impressive. Do you have any clothes like this laying around that you still fit into? Does it gross you out or make you proud? After the jump, find out what items Frisky staffers still squeeze themselves into. [Stylelist]

  • Ami: “I wish I fit into my jeans from 1981. I was 4! I still fit into some vintage stuff I bought in college like a button-down top and Hawaiian print dress.
  • Wendy: “I didn’t hang on to much from high school (I’m the opposite of a pack rat), but I do have a formal dress from college that still fits. I was almost 20 pounds thinner, and I’ve outgrown more jeans than I care to think about since then, but somehow that dress still fits. I think it has special powers.”
  • Kate: “I’m a few pounds lighter now than I was in high school, so everything still fits. I’ve kept tons of stuff—mostly pieces procured in vintage shops that are too unique to ever consider tossing. Like that white dress from Tuesday’s What Are You Wearing Today that everyone loved. I believe I found that junior year of high school.”
  • Leo: “I have a pair of baggy army green fatigues that I wore beginning sophomore year of high school. They always tend to serve as a good indication of whether I’m gaining or losing weight.”
  • Annika: “I still fit into a vest, a couple of jackets, and a Betsey Johnson dress I had from high school. I’ve kept a pair of jeans with ‘heartbreaker’ painted on them from when I was 10. Even though they don’t fit, I still like them.”