10 Fashion Trends We Never Want To See Come Back

trend crocs jpg
Trends come and go almost as often as Louboutins are added to the Kardashian sisters’ closets. During Fashion Week, we were surprised to see a few favorites of yesteryear that made a reappearance—like hot pants and major headbands. But there are always a few looks that aren’t even fashionable enough for a grocery run, let alone a runway. Here are our top picks for trends we never want to see again — unless you’re carrying them to the Goodwill.

Crocs. Style expert Tim Gunn once related the infamous rubber clog to a “plastic hoof.” They may keep your feet comfortable, but you’ll look like you have zero style. Crocs’ recent ad campaign calls for you to “feel the love,” but we’re convinced that you’ll only feel the stares and snickers of strangers if you walk outside with these on.

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