Who Is Louis Dowler, Kate Winslet’s New Man?

Not long after Kate Winslet separated from her husband of seven years, Sam Mendes, she started a hush-hush romance with British model Louis Dowler. At first we, along with some of Kate’s friends, thought it was just a sexy rebound fling, but it looks like the two are legitimately happy. And because we’re always looking out for Kate’s best interests, we tried to scrounge up whatever information we could on the pretty boy. Fast Friends
Apparently, Kate and Louis were introduced through mutual friends earlier this year and were reported to have “struck up a close friendship” and couldn’t get enough of each other. They managed to keep things quiet until July, when News of the World blew their cover. But apparently, their friends didn’t think the couple were going to be serious and told reporters, “We all thought it was just going to be a fling, but it’s been going on a couple of months now and they seem to be getting closer and closer. Louis is making Kate really happy, he is just the kind of guy you want around if you’ve been going through a tough time, as he really looks out for the people he cares for.” Well, there’s no saying like “friends know best,” so who cares what they think? And there’s nothing wrong with prolonged rebound romances with beautiful people — just ask Madonna! [AZ Central]

Model Behavior
A close source of the couple insists that 34-year-old Dowler is a nice guy, telling reporters, “Louis has a good sense of humor and really is a lovely guy. He loves to surf and he’s really quite engaging and very down-to-earth. He’s a good looking guy and gets lots of attention when he’s out and about—but he’s not your typical model. Not at all big-headed.” Louis is signed to Select Model Management and has worked on several high-profile campaigns, including Burberry (and their Blue Steel campaign), Paul Smith and Paco Rabanne. He’s 6-feet-tall, obviously pretty, and if you’re feeling perverted, there are these great silent videos of him fluffing his hair in slow motion. At 34, he also happens to be the same age as Kate! [News of the World]

Cling Factor
The two were spotted clubbing in London, canoodling in Paris, and hitting the red carpet in New York. Everywhere they go, they’re always holding hands and grinning like jerks in love. And now it seems that Kate has invited Dowler to live with her while she films her next movie, “Contagion,” in Chicago for a few months. A friend says, “They are absolutely smitten. They loathe being apart and so are taking their romance to the next level… They have discussed the idea of Louis going with her while she films so they won’t have to endure a long-distance relationship at such an early stage in what seems to be something pretty serious. Kate hasn’t been this happy in a very long time.” Kate will also be sharing child-care with Mendes, but apparently Dowler is already well-liked by the two kids, Mia and Joe. They’ve been dating for only a few months and they’re already moving in together and playing house with her kids … I guess he’s gonna be a keeper? [Daily Mail]

Meet The Parents
Louis was at the Virgin Media V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex this August and told reporters, “I feel really happy at the moment, although Kate’s not coming today, unfortunately. So I’m here with friends having a relaxing day out. Kate’s in Reading visiting family this weekend but I’m going to meet up with her on Sunday or Monday, which will be great.” I guess that means that he met Kate’s parents? A source said the two were hoping “to visit Cornwall together in the summer for a holiday,” and since Dowler was born in Cornwall, maybe they were going to meet his parents as well? I guess it’s good to get that over with since international flights are such a pain in the butt. [Daily Mail]