“Jersey Shore”‘s Vinny Offered $30K To Strip Down For Playgirl

When Snooki hooked up with Vinny on “Jersey Shore,” she let us know that he is packing some heat below the belt. To be specific, she said that smushing with him was like “putting a watermelon in a pinhole.” Apparently, Playgirl was listening because they’ve offered Vinny Guadagnino $30,000 to pose nude for their magazine. Apparently, Clone-a-Willy.com—which is owned by Playgirl—has also offered to make a replica of his nether regions. [NY Daily News]

Sure, $30K sounds like a lot of money, but how does this stack up to offers other famous folks have gotten?

  • J-Woww was reportedly offered a whopping $400,000 to pose for Playboy. If that’s true, Vinny is really getting screwed here.
  • Levi Johnston supposedly netted $100,000 for the shots he did for the magazine.
  • Jon Gosselin turned down a $20,000 offer from Playgirl. The mag tried to up the ante by offering him another $10K for every inch over four, but he still passed.
  • Playgirl reportedly offered Anna Nicole Smith’s ex, Larry Birkhead, $100K for a shoot. Why? He responded, “I’m too chicken to take my shirt off most of the time, much less my pants!”
  • Mario Lopez was allegedly offered $200K.

All this leads me to believe that if Vinny decides to do this, he should ask for a lot of money. But would you even want to see Vinny’s situation?