Gleek Out With “Glee” Spoilers

Last night’s season premiere of “Glee” went by fast. Too fast, if you ask me. When the scenes from next week popped up, I was confused because I thought I’d only been watching for half an hour. We met Shannon Beiste, the new football coach and embodiment of the stereotypical female gym teacher, who is gunning to get her hands on both the Cheerios’ and New Directions’ budgets. We met Sam Evans, the new football star who rocked out to “Billionaire.” And we met Sunshine, who vocally battled Rachel with Lady Gaga/Beyonce’s “Telephone” in the bathroom. But will the latter two be joining glee club? Doesn’t look that way—Vocal Adrenaline snags Sunshine while Sam just wants to play football.

But, we want more. MORE. So after the jump, some spoilers for the rest of the season.

  • Next week is the long-awaited Britney Spears episode. The plot: Brittany tries to convince Mr. Schuester to let them do a Britney song. He resists, and even the suggestion is enough to cause a war with Sue Sylvester. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester is jealous of Emma’s new boyfriend, the dentist, so invites him to give a lesson on oral hygiene to size him up. To his chagrin, all the girls in class fall in love with him and make appointments immediately. Britney herself will be appearing—she’ll be the receptionist in the dentist’s office who appears in everyone’s dreams as they get happy gas. [WetPaint]
  • According to Ryan Murphy, Rachel and Finn are together. Really—and for good. “Rachel and Finn broke up twice,” he explained. “So, let’s keep them together—these two very different people—and let’s really see how an entire season, if there’s no breakup scenes, what does that couple look like at the end of the season?” [E! Online]
  • Speaking of couples, Terry will be coming back to try to win Mr. Schuester back. She has a new love interest lined up to make him jealous. “Who is that person?” Ryan Murphy teases. “It’s not the principal, for one. We have a very narrow list of candidates.” I’m putting my money on Javier Bardem. [E! Online]
  • We’ve already told you that there will be a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” episode. But now we hear that there will also be an episode about religion, featuring songs like “Losing My Religion” by REM and “Papa Can You Hear Me” by Barbra Streisand (as Yentl). In the episode, Mercedes will take Kurt to church.

What else would you like to see happen this season?