Fall TV Guide: Will You Get Under The Covers To Watch “Undercovers”?

JJ Abrams is pretty much a television god. He’s the genius who brought us the butt-kicking female CIA operative of “Alias” and the mind-bending intensity of “Lost.” So suffice it to say that there’s a lot of buzz surrounding “Undercovers,” his new series that premieres tonight. It’s about a pair of former CIA agents who’ve married, retired and started a catering company. They are called back into action to find a missing fellow CIA officer—whom the wife used to date. Yes, the show appears to be the small-screen version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” down to the dance scene. But I think that sounds like a good thing.

The show stars the drool-worthy Boris Kodjoe as Steven Bloom and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as his wife, Samantha. The series also has the distinction of being the first prime-time drama with two black actors in the lead roles. Though from what we see in the preview, it’s hard to tell if race will be part of the show’s plot in any way. Still, to this, I say: that took long enough.

I’ll definitely be checking this one out.