Fall TV Guide: “Better With You” Looks Like A Better Sitcom

Normally, I am not a sitcom girl. Something about the “set-up, set-up, joke” pacing has never worked for me. Not to mention the fact that 80 percent of sitcom plots are generated by one character not telling another character something and hijinx ensuing, whereas if they just said, “Hey, I broke the lamp,” the whole plot would fall on its face. Lame!

Of course, there are sitcoms that do do it for me. “How I Met Your Mother.” “Arrested Development.” “Community.” “Modern Family.” “30 Rock.” And I’m hoping to add “Better With You” to the list. Cut from the same mold as “Modern Family,” the show it precedes, “Better With You” follows family members at different stages of relationships. The younger sister—played by redhead Joanna Garcia who had a bit role on “Gossip Girl” last season—is newly engaged to a guy she’s known for months, and doesn’t seem to notice that he’s not too bright. Her older sister has lived with her boyfriend for nine years and they’ve decided not to get married, a decision she starts to question while seeing her sister in engagement glee. And their parents: well, they’re an old married couple.

The show was created by “Friends” veteran Shana Goldberg-Meehan, which is another reason to have high hopes for it. We’ll you be adding “Better With You” to your Wednesday night TV lineup?