20 Stars Who’ve Done Lifetime Movies

hayden lifetime slide 1 jpg
In real life, Hayden Panettiere is far from a cheerleader with the ability to regenerate. Ever since “Heroes” ended earlier this year, she’s had a bit of a hard time landing roles. The good: a part in the much-anticipated “Scream 4.” The bad: “The Ring 3D.” So I guess her newest role might qualify as the ugly? It’s just been announced that Hayden will be playing Amanda Knox, the American college student dubbed Foxy Knoxy who was convicted of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, though there’s a lot of evidence that points to her being innocent. [EW]

Yes, it’s a made-for-Lifetime movie. But hey, at least Hayden will be in good company. Check out these famous folks who’ve starred in Lifetime flicks.

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