Today In Terribleness: Teenager Confesses To Murdering Mother In Her Sleep

Ugh, this story is so awful. Fifteen-year-old Tylar Witt pleaded guilty to murdering her own mother. Tylar was furious after her mother read her diary and reported her 19-year-old boyfriend, Steven Colver, to authorities for statutory rape. Later that evening, her mother was drugged and then stabbed several times in her sleep. Tylar and Steven dyed their hair and fled to San Francisco where they were eventually apprehended. There has been some confusion over who actually did the deed. While there’s no hard DNA evidence that Tylar actually stabbed her mother, Joanne Witt, she has decided to plead guilty. The fishy thing is that Steven’s sentence may be reduced with Tylar’s first-degree murder confession. I really, really hope she’s not taking the fall for him. [People]

Tags: crimes, murder