Fall TV Guide: 10 Reasons We’re “Running Wilde”

Running Wilde” is everything I could ask for in a TV show. Let me count the ways …

  1. It stars Keri Russell as Emmy. Keri was not only my favorite on “The Mickey Mouse Club” but lived a parallel life to me on “Felicity”—we both moved from small towns to go to college in New York City in 1998. Yeah, her college experience was fictional, but whatever.
  2. It also stars Will Arnett as Steven Wilde. I was once seated next to Will on a plane, and he was very nice. Not to mention that he perfected his self-involved, man-child schtick as Gob Bluth on “Arrested Development.”
  3. There’s a Cure song in the promo.
  4. Emmy’s daughter’s name on the show is “Puddle,” which is kind of a hilarious take on hippie naming techniques.
  5. The series is executive-produced by Mitch Hurwitz, the man who also brought us the amazingly amazing aforementioned “Arrested Development.”
  6. It’s on a half an hour after “Glee,” which means we have some time to run errands before sitting back down on the couch.
  7. The plot of the show is this: two childhood sweethearts have become completely different people as they’ve grown up. She is a do-gooder trying to save a tribe in the jungle while he is a noodle-brained richie rich she goes to for help. It pokes fun at both lifestyles with equal rigor.
  8. David Cross has signed on to play Keri Russell’s boyfriend. I can’t wait to see how he will one-up being a never nude.
  9. The trailer actually made me laugh out loud.
  10. There are miniature horses.

Here’s hoping this show is everything I’m hoping.