Cell Block Switcheroo: Paris Avoids Jail Time While Lindsay May Be Headed Back

Last week, it appeared that Lindsay Lohan was done donning the orange jumpsuit while Paris Hilton seemed sure to be headed to jail again for getting caught with nearly a gram of cocaine in her purse, and then claiming that she thought it was gum. Oh, what a difference seven days makes. Today, the exact opposite is true.Paris Hilton has avoided jail time by agreeing to a plea deal in her drug possession case. She will do a year of probation, pay a fine of $2,000 (which is, like, a penny in heiress dollars), and do 200 hours of community service. However, if she is arrested again in the next year for any charge, her suspended sentence will begin and she will go to jail for a year. A court official told her, “The purpose here is to change your conduct. [The Clark County Detention Center] is not the Waldorf-Astoria.” Zing! [People]

Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, isn’t so lucky. We were proud of LiLo for facing the music and not making lame excuses when she failed a court-ordered drug test. But, apparently, she failed two—one for cocaine and the other for amphetamines—and now it appears that the slip-up might send her back to jail. A bench warrant has been issued for her and she must appear in court on Monday. Apparently, the consequence for a failed test is a sentence of 30 days in jail. [People]

Maybe these ladies can stay out of trouble from here on in? Yep, a pig just flew by my window.