1860s Inventor Creates Creepy “Wife Taming” Box

Harry Tap had a little problem with his wife, who was always bugging him to do things around the house, like re-shoe the horses and get water from the well or whatever. So he came up with a batcrackers invention to keep his wife in check: A “Wife Taming” box. Part coffin, part cradle, this creepy-as-hell box was designed for “henpecked husbands.” If, after you’d cleared the gutters, done the wash and made dinner, your wife still nagged you, you and your mates could shove her in the box and rock her to sleep. Tap made six such “Peace Boxes” — one of which has survived. It’s inscribed down the side: “Hen Pecked Club’s Peace Box No. 6, Patent Cure for a Cross Wife.”

And no, it’s not available for sale (thank God) — it’s preserved and on display at a British museum. [Neatorama]