The Top 10 Reasons Guys Use Twitter

I don’t know who tweets more on Twitter, men or women, but I’ve come to suspect the genders use the social media platform differently. Women like to tweet about their feelings, connect with other people, and gossip. And men? Here are the top 10 reasons men are on Twitter, and, yes, one of them involves a stripper. 1. Because it’s easier for him to hit on a woman in 140 characters or less than at a bar.

2. If he’s watching the game, he can tweet his commentary, rather than tell you and have you give him a blank stare.

3. To let people know where he is. Why? Nobody knows.

4. He’s hoping his tweets will get turned into a TV show.

5. This is the only way he’s going to get more followers than you.

6. He got kicked off Facebook.

7. StripperTweets!

8. How else is he supposed to communicate from the toilet?

9. 50 Cent is his role model.

10. That way, the guys at work won’t know he reads The Frisky obsessively.