Something Wrong? Blame Feminism

Feminism has had a busy couple of decades. We’re not talking about how the women’s lib movement and the related equal rights movement have transformed the lives of women. Oh no: We’re talking about the dusty path of destruction and ruin that feminism has generated in its single-minded mission to radicalize ladies.

The newest precious thing that feminism’s ruined? Home cooking. Rose Prince, writing for the Daily Mail’s helpfully titled female news section, “Femail,” argues that feminism has veritably killed off the art of homemade food. She bemoans the fact that women aren’t slaving in front of the stove like they used to — and says it’s all feminism’s fault. Says Prince:

When the feminist voices of the Sixties made home cooking into a symbol of drudgery, they no doubt had the best intentions. Equality in the workplace was a noble cause and a degree of sexual revolution was necessary. Domestic cooking was chucked aside as an irrelevance, an icon of unfairness to women — which allowed a very eager food industry to leap forward with the convenience-food solution. Yes, it’s feminism we have to thank for the spread of fast-food chains and an epidemic of childhood obesity.

So, thanks to feminism, our children are fat. Nevermind that Prince — a successful food writer and journalist — doesn’t see the irony of a working woman blaming feminism for fat children. Her idyllic musings that the world was just better off before all this namby-pamby feminism came and stole women away from the kitchen just don’t fly. Where are the men in this equation? And how about the myriad other factors — car culture, sedentary lifestyles, television — that have also contributed to the obesity epidemic? Prince’s argument is correlative, not causative.

And yet! She’s not the only one claiming that feminism is to blame for all the world’s problems. A simple scroll through Google will tell you everything you need to know.

Feminism is to blame for:

And feminism’s ruined:

So, in short, feminism’s been really busy mucking everything up. Tell us: What has feminism ruined for you today?