Fall TV Guide: The Mega-est New Show Night Of The Year

If the fall television season is a war, then tonight is D-Day. This week is when the four major networks begin their new lineups, and as such, there are a whopping five new series premiering tonight. Further complicating the DVR selections is the fact that four of them look very good. (Sorry, “Mike & Molly,” but nothing sounds less exciting to me than a sitcom about an overweight police officer and his wife.) So which should you be watching? A handy guide after the jump.

The Show: “Lone Star”
The Deets: Tonight, 9 p.m. (EST), Fox
Watch If: You’re still addicted to “Friday Night Lights” or you’re looking to redeem a little bit of your faith in the male species
The Plot: A Texas con man is living a split life with two separate women—only, he is over it and wants out of the scam. “FNL” fans will swoon because not only is it full of Texas drawls, but also stars Adrienne Palicki, aka Tyra, as one of the wives who’s been married as a mark.

The Show: “The Event”
The Deets: Tonight, 9 p.m. (EST), NBC
Watch If: Conspiracy theorists and “24” aficionados
The Plot: This is a hard one to explain, because we have no idea what the titular event is—though we know that it isn’t an assassination plot, the disappearance of a 20-something girl, or a CIA cover-up for a downed plane. This show promises to be a mind meld, à la “Lost.” Bonus: Blair Underwood!

The Show: “Hawaii Five-0″
The Deets: Tonight, 10 p.m. (EST), CBS
Watch If: You’re a “Lost” addict, really dig cop shows, and/or love surf guitar
The Plot: A remake of the 1968 series, this one is about a special police force in sunny Hawaii. It’ll appeal to “Lost” enthusiasts because it stars Daniel Dae Kim, aka Jin, and takes place where “Lost” was shot. I can’t wait until they arrest the Others.

The Show: “Chase”
The Deets: Tonight, 10 p.m. (EST), NBC
Watch If: “Girl power” is your middle name and you miss “Law & Order”
The Plot: In the grand tradition of buddy cop fare, a cowboy boot-sporting female marshal is teamed up with a straight-laced dude cop to find a thief who shoots a girl and kills her family while robbing them.