All The Single Ladies … Are Closing The Gender Wage Gap!

Go on girls — women under 30 have made great gains on their male counterparts in the workplace. Single working women under 30 now make eight percent more than their comparably aged male counterparts — and as much as 21 percent more in some cities.

According to an analysis of Census data by Reach Partners, women are making such leaps thanks to an influx of educated women in the workforce. Women are now graduating from college at a rate of 1.5 times more than men — and that means that women are seeing particularly large gains in cities with knowledge-based economies. But before you get too excited, women — on average — are still making around 22 percent less than men. And women with bachelor’s degrees, overall, are making 33 percent less than their male counterparts. What does this mean? As Manisha Thakor, personal finance expert, explains, “I think it can not be over-emphasized enough that the women who are out-earning are single and childless. There is still a serious cost to women and families for wage parity.” Oh, great. [Reuters]