Princess Hijab, The French Graffiti Artist Who Draws Burqas On Subway Ads

This short film follows Princess Hijab, a graffiti artist who skulks around the Parisian subway system, scribbling burqas on commercial advertising with a black Sharpie. The Princess appears to be a woman, but like other street artists (Banksy, for example), the true identity is unknown to protect her from police. Princess claims not to be political and says she’s not trying to make either a feminist or an anti-Muslim statement about burqas. But given how France recently banned women from wearing face-covering Muslim veils like burqas and hijabs in public, claiming it’s a human rights abuse, it’s interesting to see how Princess’ radical street art plays out in context. What do you think of Princess Hijab’s work? []

UPDATE: Thank you to commenter Cfivecents for pointing out the misspelling of “hijab” in the title and throughout the piece. It has been corrected.