Is “Hunger Games” The Next “Twilight”?

Though The Hunger Games has nowhere near the level of pop culture saturation as Twilight, the young adult trilogy is quickly gaining the same rabid fan base. But the similarities between the two fiction phenomenons end about there. The Hunger Games books present a world much darker than Stephenie Meyers’ land of glittery vampires and sullen girls. The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic society controlled by a greedy government working from a place called the Capitol.Each year, this power gathers one young boy and girl from each of their country’s district and orders them to fight to the death, proving of course that not even children are presented with a free pass in the eyes of this government. This dark dystopia, created by author Suzanne Collins, is being praised by critics as innovative and addictive, and like Twilight, it has earned more than just a youth fanbase. Movie producers are starting to pounce on the series, wise to what long lines of eager readers waiting for the midnight premiere could mean financially. The film adaption of the first book, Hunger Games, is already in the works, with Lionsgate Studio’s backing.

So with a movie to come, and a story that actually sounds well-written—cough, Stephenie—do you think Hunger Games mania can reach or exceed Twilight levels of hysteria?