And The Prize Goes To … Developing Your Fall Fashion Look

In honor of fall fashion week on The Frisky, we asked you to tell us how you will develop your look this season, in the hopes of winning a fall fashion prize pack from Avon. Many of you plan on layering your summer staples to make them weather-appropriate, pulling out your cold weather staples from seasons past, and hitting up your favorite thrift stores. But there could only be one winner. And it was oceanvodka because homegirl already has her outfits planned based on the weather. Read her comment after the jump.

“It’s time to reinvent myself, and college is the perfect place to do it! No longer will I be the embarrassing style-blind friend no one wants to be seen with. The first week of school will be pretty relaxed so I’ll be decked out in my favorite blouses adorned with a few statement necklaces, and a cute pair of heels will complete any outfit. As the quarters and seasons change, I’ll be sure to fix any style to accommodate the weather. Chilly out? Time to take out my circle scarf to wear over a warm baggy sweater and patterned leggings. A knit hat or beret tops it all off. Rainy? A pair of leather booties along with my favorite jacket will keep me dry while looking oh-so-chic!

My laptop & books deserve a change too. No more old high school Jansport bags; they’ll be toted around campus in an adorable leather satchel. Practical and fashionable. Even the library better watch out! Goodbye tattered old jeans and college hoodie! I’ll be hitting the books in style. Look for me, I’ll be the chick in the library buried under economics homework rocking a bitchin’ outfit.”