Today’s Lady News: Glenn Beck Compares Abortion To Slavery

  • Radio host Glenn Beck compared abortion to slavery. (Wait, yesterday I thought abortion was genocide?) We have no words to describe how offensive this is to actual slaves and descendants of slaves, not to mention women who have terminated a pregnancy for any reason. [Media Matters]
  • According to new Census data on income, poverty in America has hit a 15-year high and the number of working women has fallen by 1.3 million in three years. [Reuters]
  • There will be no bond for the 26-year-old North Carolina man accused of describing on Facebook how to make explosives to bomb an abortion clinic. []

  • While discussing a public nudity ordinance in regards to a naked bike ride, a member of the Santa Fe city council said women who are OK baring their breasts in public are basically like sex workers. []
  • Designer Max Azria blamed lack of diversity in the “model market” on why his runway was nearly all white this year. [Jezebel]
  • A Shreveport, Louisiana abortion clinic has reopened via judges orders. The clinic had its license suspended earlier this month, following the enacting of new, anti-abortion laws witch give the state’s health department expanded power to take away clinic licenses. [Shreveport Times]
  • hosted the first-ever plus-size runway show during Fashion Week, but the skinny-centric planners failed to take into account larger seats that could comfortably accommodate their guests. [Crushable]
  • Do we even want to know what Project Husband is? [Dallas News]
  • Ex-Bikini Kill and Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna recently donated all her “riot grrrl” papers to NYU’s library for historical purposes. Here’s an interview with the chief archivist. Lucky duck! [NYU Local]
  • Yay, more ex-Le Tigre! JD Samson gives an interview about her newest project, MEN, another fab feminist-y band. [LA Weekly]


  • TV presenter Selina Scott has returned to the BBC, two months after the 59-year-old gave them a dossier on its practices of “sexism and ageism.” The BBC has long been accused of getting rid of older female newscasters and and TV hosts in favor of younger lasses. [Telegraph UK]
  • Scary! Plastic surgery clinics in the UK are stocked with under-skilled surgeons and under-stocked with appropriate tools, according to a new report. [Guardian UK]
  • Why does this college kid at McGill University in Montreal call himself an “accidental sexist”? [McGill Reporter]