Sept. 16: What Are You Wearing Today?

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It’s baaaaack

When we look at street style sites like the Sartorialist, Garance Doré,, and even The MidWasteland, we get inspired to try new things when we get dressed in the morning. But sometimes, we get a little down on the whole “real girl” style sensation. Sure, these people aren’t models, but they certainly look like they could be. Is her skin really that perfect? Can she put on anything — even sweats — and still look Parisian-chic? Why do I look like such a jackass when I try to wear a scarf when these people look properly accessorized?! Seriously, does this girl ever have a bad day?

So, to show what real women look like on a daily basis, both the ups and the downs, we’ll be documenting what Frisky staffers wear to the office for as long as we have the patience. Sometimes we don’t wash our hair (and a few of us have been known to despise showering in general). Other times we wear the same cardigan four days out of the week. But every once in a while, we have a really good outfit day and can’t bear to go home and take off what we managed to pull together. Click through to see what we put on after we rolled out of bed, and then share what you’re wearing today.

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