8 More Changes “American Idol” Should Make To Shake Things Up

I am panicking about what “American Idol” is about to become. First, we find out that Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres are being replaced by J.Lo and Steven Tyler, who I thought was in rehab. And now they tell us that they are changing the audition process, too. The show announced that they are now accepting online submissions of which a few of the best will be chosen to move directly to L.A. Arrghhh! Too many changes at once! [Us Weekly]

But while they’re at it, here are some more suggested changes to shake things up.

  1. Change the name. “Young People Sing For Has-Been Celebrities Who Are Getting Paid Too Much.”
  2. Raise the age limit to 50. That should at least make the audition process more fun. And maybe they’ll find the next Susan Boyle.
  3. Let the contestants perform their original material so we can tell if their album is going suck.
  4. All guest judges are required to do a medley with the contestants.
  5. Take away America’s right to vote for their favorite contestants. They always get it wrong.
  6. Bring back Simon Cowell via satellite to roll his eyes while the contestants perform and the judges weigh in.
  7. Stop filming in front of a live audience so the contestants don’t get all nervous and bite it.
  8. Replace Ryan Seacrest with a motorized puppet.

What would you like to see change about “American Idol”?