Twitterverse Report: Bebe Fashion Show Was A Huge Disaster

Bebe is one of the last retailers we’d expect to present at New York Fashion Week. But apparently, they did have a show, and it was rife with weirdness and disaster, from a traffic jam at the doors to bizarre front-row guests (including basketball stars, the Elle editor-in-chief, and babies). Styleite was there, and this is what they had to say: “OMG seating at #Bebe is a total mess. There must be 200+ people in standing and more still outside. There is a toddler sitting front row.” Sounds like a nightmare! Check out the rest of the drama from the Twitterverse after the jump!

  • @CombineCouture I love that a basketball player is being interviewed on the red carpet at #bebe and giving his opinion on the show #nyfw #mbfw
  • @cutblog We are sensing fire-code violations ‘a plenty at #bebe. (five times more people than ought to be jammed in here) (via @fuggirls) #nyfw
  • @AllTheLooks #bebe running over 40 mins late and counting
  • @cutblog Front row at Bebe: LA Laker Ron Artest. (via @fuggirls) #bebe #nyfw
  • @Styleite Kate Lanphear and Robbie Myers are front row at #bebe. That is a sentence we never thought we’d type.