Jennifer Lopez Signs On To “American Idol” For $12 Million

So it looks official—Jennifer Lopez has signed a deal to be a judge on “American Idol.” Jenny from the Block will be getting a cool $12 million to appear on the show’s 10th season. [PopEater]

But before you choke on your bagel at how much freaking that money is for giving 10 seconds of feedback per contestant each episode, let’s take a look at how that stacks up to the paychecks of other mega-stars of the small screen.

  • Supposedly, Simon Cowell made $45 million for his final season of “Idol.” Which makes J.Lo’s paycheck seem kind of sad.
  • Paula Abdul was allegedly let go from the show for asking for $10 million a year, up from the $3.5 she was making. Looks like she was a bargain.
  • Jennifer will be tripling Tina Fey’s 2008 earnings—she supposedly made $4.6 million that year. Her agent best be doing some negotiating as we speak.
  • Judge Judy’s paycheck makes Jennifer’s look measly. She allegedly got $30 million for her show in 2007. Is that possible?
  • Lauren Conrad supposedly made $1.4 million for her final episode of “The Hills.”
  • Shawn Johnson allegedly made $365K for her winning season of “Dancing with the Stars.” There was no stalker bonus.

What do you think—was “American Idol” smart to pay Jennifer Lopez $12 mill? And what do we think Steven Tyler of Aerosmith will be making if he signs on to the show?